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Bryn Primary School celebrate British Science Week

Posted on : 31 Mar 2023

Bryn Primary School celebrate British Science Week
Bryn Primary School have recently celebrated British Science Week, a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Staff and students celebrated British Science Week from the 10th - 19th March, where pupils in each class had the opportunity to plan, investigate and review a science investigation to showcase at a science fair demonstrating STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and maths).
Pupils in Foundation Phase planned, investigated and evaluated mini science projects such as growing cress, experimenting with floating and sinking, life cycles and exploring liquids and solids. Pupils demonstrated their scientific knowledge through presenting their active enquiries in a ‘hands on’ approach, encouraging members of the community to take part.
Pupils in Year 3 & 4 researched the journey from ‘Field to Fork’ whilst Year 4 & 5 ‘Smashed Stereotypes!’ channelling their inner inventors using skills in engineering to design an invention to “make life easier”, their coding skills were fantastic!
Pupils in Year 6 independently chose a scientific question, formulated a hypothesis and created their own method, investigation and evaluation. There was a real sense of excitement and engagement particularly when experiments went wrong and the results were not as expected! Pupils were eager and determine to question ‘why?’ and adapt processes to prove their hypothesis. The opportunity allowed all pupils to become more knowledgeable about how the world around them works.
Year 6 pupils confidently shared the outcomes of the experiments with our local community, a celebration of their efforts, promoting skills in public speaking and imparting self-confidence.
Pupils in Year 6 were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on their innovation, presentation, teamwork and response to success and failures.
The winning team, Fletcher and Cody (photograph 1) were determined to find out ‘What method creates the biggest volcanic explosion?’ they persevered, repeating the experiment numerous times, learning from errors and refining techniques. 
In second place, Casey, Ollie S and Lloyd (photograph 2) were eager to determine ‘Which Haribo is the most popular and does sight affect the taste?’ They noted peer favourites before and after wearing a blindfold, an innovative idea!
In third place, Ffion and Isaac (photograph 3) were excited to find out ‘Does the amount of mentos affect the height of an explosion?’ they certainly made the most mess! They were awarded points for collaboration and detailed results!

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