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New Leader promises to deliver

Posted on : 20 May 2022

New Leader promises to deliver
Cllr Sean Morgan, Leader of Council

The new Leader of Caerphilly county borough council has outlined his vision to deliver improvement and prosperity for the residents of the area in future.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of council, Cllr Sean Morgan set out his plans to protect frontline services, deliver value for money and create vibrant and prosperous local communities.

“I aim to provide the organisation with a clear direction and want to give a personal assurance to every resident of the county borough that I will work tirelessly to improve our communities and the lives of everyone living here.”

“I will continue along the road of modernising the organisation and improving council services as previous Leaders have done.”

“Our communities and this council, like every other area across Wales, continues to face a number of significant challenges as we recover from a global pandemic. We have pressing climate change considerations, the war in Ukraine with its many repercussions and a range of other pressures impacting our services. Perhaps the most urgent of which is the escalating cost of living crisis and its devastating impacts on our communities.

“Now, more than ever, we need strong and decisive leadership to ensure that the council can continue to deliver positive change and I will provide this. I truly am honoured and humbled to accept the position,” he added.

Cllr Morgan also announced his new Cabinet at the AGM:

  • Councillor Sean Morgan - Leader of Council
  • Councillor Jamie Pritchard - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Prosperity, Regeneration & Climate Change
  • Councillor Nigel George - Cabinet Member for Corporate Services & Property
  • Councillor Eluned Stenner - Cabinet Member Finance & Performance
  • Councillor Carol Andrews - Cabinet Member for Education & Communities
  • Councillor Shayne Cook - Cabinet Member for Housing
  • Councillor Julian Simmonds - Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation
  • Councillor Elaine Forehead - Cabinet Member for Social Care
  • Councillor Philippa Leonard - Cabinet Member for Planning & Public Protection
  • Councillor Chris Morgan - Cabinet Member for Waste, Leisure & Green spaces

The new Caerphilly county borough Mayor for 2022/23 is Cllr Liz Aldworth and the Deputy Mayor is Cllr Mike Adams.

Full details of Cabinet Members, Civic Office and Group Leaders announced at the AGM (PDF)

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