Help with funeral costs

Help with funeral costs

There are certain benefits that you may be able to claim if you have recently lost a loved one.

Funeral payment

If you are on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you may be able to get a one-off Funeral Payment from the Social Fund. You might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died.

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Bereavement support payment

You may be able to get Bereavement Support Payment if your husband, wife or civil partner died in the last 21 months.

You must claim within 3 months of your partner’s death to get the full amount. You can claim up to 21 months after their death but you’ll get fewer monthly payments.

Bereavement Support Payment

War widow or widower's pension

A War Widow's or Widower's Pension is a tax-free pension you may be entitled to if your wife, husband or civil partner died as a result of their service in Her Majesty's (HM) Armed Forces or during a time of war.

Find out more about your eligibility and how to apply.

Compare funeral directors

People often lack access to clear information on their funeral options, and pay more than is necessary. Funeral Choice provide free, independent advice to help you find the best local funeral directors and assess their prices. 

Alternatively, you can go to the Funeralbooker website, the free and impartial comparison site for funeral services in the UK.

They work directly with local funeral directors, who declare accurate, itemised pricing.

Users simply write in their postcode, select from a few options, such as cremation or burial and then they can choose from a variety of nearby funeral directors based on service level and cost.

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