Organising a Funeral

Organising a Funeral


Funerals can be expensive, so remember to check where the money for the funeral will come from before making any arrangements.

The deceased may have a pre-paid funeral plan.

However, if the deceased does not have sufficient money in their estate to cover the cost of the funeral, the person organising the funeral will have to pay.

If you elect to use the services of a funeral director, it would be advisable to obtain more than one quote to compare costs and services.

A “basic simple funeral” will include a coffin, a hearse and one car. It will not include things like church or crematorium fees, flowers or newspaper notices. Check when the bill will have to be paid.


A funeral may be organised with or without the help of a funeral director and the deceased may be buried or cremated.

In some cases, the funeral may have been planned in advance.

There are many different types of funeral and it may be useful to know that:

  • The ceremony can reflect any religious beliefs or multicultural traditions.
  • The ceremony does not have to be held in a licensed building.
  • The burial could be on private land as long as there is nothing on the deeds restricting the use of the property.
  • The ceremony can be personalised through music, readings, individual contributions and should reflect the wishes of family and friends, or the deceased if arrangements have been pre-specified

Using a funeral director

The majority of people choose to use a professional funeral director. This can help at what is generally a stressful time and will ensure that the person who has died is treated in a dignified way.

Your funeral director can advise you about the options available to you

Choosing a funeral director

Friends, family, clergy or your doctor may be able to recommend local funeral directors.

Most local companies are also listed in the telephone directory.

Most funeral directors are members of one of two trade associations:

  • National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).
  • Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

Member firms must provide you with a price list on request and cannot exceed any written estimate they give you without your permission.

Natural Death Centre

The Natural death centre is the only independent funeral advice service in the UK. Provides help with DIY and environmentally friendly funerals.

National Association of Funeral Directors

The National Association of Funeral Directors contains extensive information on the Association, including the latest news, details about the kind of services you can expect to receive from Members, education programmes and the pre-payment funeral plan. 

Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

You will find guidance and advice in the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors on planning and arranging a funeral – whether you are thinking ahead about your own funeral or needing to arrange the funeral of a loved one.

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