Children with disabilities

Who are the team?

The team work with children and their families within the principles of the Social Service and Well Being (Wales) Act 2014.

Who is eligible for referral to the service?

Children and young people under 18 with permanent and substantial disabilities*, life limiting conditions and/or complex health needs that impact on their daily living; namely:

  • A severe learning disability; 

  • A significant sensory disability;

  • A severe physical disability; or

  • Multiple disabilities.(being a combination of disabilities - physical, cognitive, communication and sensory in nature)

*Permanent and substantial disability is the need for a high level of support with equipment, and / or another person to carry out functions eg. Personal care, eating, or walking; that is expected to continue throughout an individual’s life.

Referrals to the team are considered due to what impact the disability has upon the child’s day-to-day life, and is not diagnosis led.

What do they do?

On receipt of the referral, the team will identify the best person to work with the child and family based on the information provided.

The team will carry out a “what matters” conversation to provide information, advice, signposting and assistance. Where appropriate they will do a more detailed conversation (previously called an assessment) to identify personal outcomes for the child, their parents / carers. The worker will work with families to identify strengths and suitable solutions.

The worker will speak to other professionals who know the child, such as teachers, health workers and, where appropriate, supportive family members and friends to inform the process. 

Solutions may include use of the family network, signposting to community based resources or other agencies for targeted short term intervention, direct work with members of the team or referrals for training courses specific to the child’s disability. Intervention may also be sought from a partner agency; including community occupational therapy, health, education, the voluntary sector.

The team are required to work within safeguarding policies and procedures

The child may require specialised assessment by an occupational therapist and guidance in alternative techniques to help a child develop, or restore and maintain functional skills. A moving and handling assessment may highlight the need for specialised equipment and advice. This will be completed by colleagues in our Community Occupational Therapy Team.

Asking for information, advice and assistance

You, or a professional working with your child, can ask for information, advice and/or assistance for the child, or you as a parent carer, by contacting the children's services contact and referral team.

Parents and carers

Parents, siblings and carers are eligible for a “what matters” conversation (known as a carer’s assessment) in their own right, this can either be done as part of the child’s assessment or a referral can be made to the borough’s dedicated carers team

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