Early Years and Families First

Early Years (including Flying Start and Families First) support families from antenatal to 7 years:

The team works with families to ensure their child has the best start in life. They take into account what matters to the family and show how to access support when needed.

All families can register from the time they find out they are pregnant. They can access support throughout their pregnancy and the early years of life. This includes starting school. The team works with midwives, health visitors, school nurses, schools and childcare. All the early years practitioners can provide a whole range of support, online or in person. This will depend on what you and your family need.

The Early Years team is a skilled multi-agency team. They work with families to build resilience to support their children to have the best start in life. They focus on recognising the strengths of families. They help them create opportunities to support each other. They develop resilient communities for children and young people to thrive.

For more information please visit The Caerphilly Early Years and Childcare website.

Early Years Team / Family Information Service 

Tel: 01443 863232
Email: FIS@caerphilly.gov.uk

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