Families First projects

Supporting Family Change (SFC)

Supporting Family Change (SFC) coordinates support for families in times of need. The project brings together a Team Around the Family (TAF) to offer support when a family has more than one need.

Each family has a support worker. They work with other agencies to develop a plan that focuses on the families’ strengths. Together they provide opportunities to access other support interventions and build resilience.

Tel: 01495 233232
Email: SFC@caerphilly.gov.uk

Youth Respect

Youth Respect is a project for children over the age of 10. These children will show very challenging behaviours in their family and relationships. This may include abusive, aggressive, and controlling behaviours.

Only Supporting Family Change and the Youth Offending Service can refer to this service.

Tel: 01495 235623
Email: wwwyos@caerphilly.gov.uk

Targeted Youth and Family Engagement (TYFE)

Youth Engagement provides support for children aged 8 and above. The aim is to develop their skills which help them to become more confident. They also receive support to develop their self-esteem and resilience.

Family Engagement provides a range of activities. The activities help to improve the relationships within the family.

Both Youth Engagement and Family Engagement provide individual and group sessions with parents, children and young people.

Caerphilly Adventures provides outdoor activity sessions to engage children, young people and their families.

Young Parents can attend groups in the community. The groups help support them to overcome barriers and tackle any challenges they face. This helps them to grow and develop as young people and parents.

Tel: 01443 863194
Email: youth@caerphilly.gov.uk

Confident Parents, Stronger Families (CPSF)

CPSF provides targeted parenting support for families with children aged 8-17 years. CPSF works alongside families to create a support plan which meets the family’s needs.

An approach that starts with the family’s strengths helps to build and sustain positive, respectful relationships. CPSF practitioners show parents how to enhance their parenting skills. This helps with their children’s development, care, and wellbeing. CPSF offers support packages to meet a range of needs.

These needs include managing behaviour, routines, and boundaries. Families receive initial individual sessions in their home or online. Parents can then progress onto attending a group-based programme. These take place in the community or online. If required, further individual tailored support is offered. (Please refer to the Early Years support services for children aged 0-7 years).

Barnardos: 0300 124 0988
Email: CPSFServices@Barnardos.org.uk

Platfform for Families - Wellbeing Project

This project works with individuals or the whole family if they have low-level mental health or wellbeing needs. This may include parents, carers, young people and children.

Support begins with individual sessions. This progresses onto group sessions or further individual sessions where needed. The service offers a safe space for families to meet, chat and get support for their wellbeing. Families can share experiences with others who are facing similar challenges.

The sessions help families to re-connect and build resilience and a network of support. The project helps families to explore their needs, expectations and find helpful strategies to improve their wellbeing. They are shown how to support others in the family who may be struggling.

Platfform: 01495 245802
Email: families@platfform.org

Let’s Talk Money

Let’s Talk Money provides Debt, Welfare Benefits, and Financial Capability Advice. The advice is specialist and regulated. They support clients to negotiate with creditors.

They provide advice on all debt solutions including bankruptcy and debt relief orders.

The project helps families to maximise their income. Families learn how to manage their money better. This can help to prevent homelessness.

Citizens Advice Bureau: 01443 878059

Domestic Abuse

Dim Ofn – Children & Young People’s Support

This project provides support for children and young people affected by domestic abuse. They offer both individual and group sessions. They support young people so they can explore and share their experiences and feelings.

The individual sessions may take place in the home, school or another preferred venue.

The group sessions include focused activities that bring children and young people together. Groups are age-related groups.  

Domestic Abuse Family Safety

This project offers individual sessions providing immediate safety work, support, and guidance. This enables families affected by domestic abuse to remain within their home.

This project also provides group sessions for parents. These sessions show the impact that domestic abuse has on their children.

The sessions help parents to build the skills needed to keep their family safe from future abuse.

Llamau Domestic Abuse Services: 029 2086 0255
Email: SaferCaerphilly@llamau.org.uk


There are two advocacy services on offer within this project.

Children & Young People Advocacy

This is a confidential, independent issue-based advocacy service. It supports children and young people by helping them to have their voice heard.

The project works on a 1:1 basis to enable the child, or young person to promote their views, wishes, and feelings. This can help them get something stopped, started or changed.

Parent Advocacy

This is a confidential, independent service for parents. It helps parents to have their voice heard. The project works on a 1:1 basis.

The service can help parents resolve a range of issues. This may include making changes, engaging with support services and navigating systems.

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS): 0808 808100
Children and Young People Advocacy: help@nyas.net
Parent Advocacy: caerphillyparentadvocacy@nyas.net

Young Carers

This project brings together Young Carers across Caerphilly. Young people meet at regular group sessions.

The sessions enable young people to share and explore their experiences. This helps them to feel supported and have time out from the caring role.

The project offers well-being support, information sessions and fun activities.

Tel: 01495 233218 or 01495 233234
Email: Carers@caerphilly.gov.uk

Community Forum

The Community Forum gives people the chance to meet others in their local community. They hold weekly supportive group meetings. In these meetings people can learn new skills and gain volunteering experience.

A variety of activities meet the needs of the group. Activities may include: wellbeing, IT support, cookery and sewing classes and craft workshops. They also arrange outdoor activities and qualifications and skills for employment.

They also encourage people to contribute to discussions and consultations about local issues. They support people to have their voices heard on things that may affect their lives.

Individuals will also have the chance to register and train as Community, Parent, Language or Wellbeing Champions. Champions support families in their local community and can help signpost them to local services.

Parent Network: 01443 875444
Email: Admin@parentcaer.org.uk

REACH Contact details

REACH is a prevention project for 8 - 17 year olds living in Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly who are at risk of anti-social behaviour and/or offending.

Each child will work closely with a member of the REACH team for 3 - 6 months. The intervention is voluntary.

Staff from any service/agency can make referrals if there are signs that a child is displaying anti-social behaviour or could become involved in offending.

Tel: 01495 235623
Email: wwwyos@caerphilly.gov.uk

Families First - Contact details

For more information on the Families First Programme, please contact:

Tel: 01443 864151
Email: familiesfirst@caerphilly.gov.uk

Caerphilly Families First has a Facebook page. It has information about projects and activities.

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