Youth engagement and progression


Youth Engagement and Progression is a Welsh Government Implementation Plan with the aim of ensuring better outcomes for young people aged 11 to 24 regarding education, employment and training.

To enable us to manage this area of work effectively, we have a coordinator and team of youth workers who have the responsibility to deliver a plan of work geared to delivering the framework.

There are six objectives linked to youth engagement and progression:

  • Early identification - to identify young people as early as possible who may require support.
  • Brokerage - to provide lead workers to young people who may find it difficult to move into further training or employment.
  • Tracking - to work with other organisations to track the achievements of young people.
  • Provision - to compile information on opportunities available for young people, to work with organisations and employers who may provide traineeships and to implement the Welsh Governments Youth Guarantee which will help ensure that every young person has access to a suitable destinations. 
  • Employment - to work with various Council departments and Businesses to enhance young people’s employment prospects.
  • Accountability- to assess and evaluate progress on the project plan that enables the Council to demonstrate progress on delivering the Welsh Government guidance.

For further advice or support on opportunities for young people, please contact John Poyner on 01443 864970 or email  Information on all up to date opportunities can be obtained on the Youth Engagement and Progression Facebook site, Caerphilly, Education, Employment and Training.