Council tax appeals

You can make a council tax appeal if you think that:

  • We are sending bills to the wrong person for your home
  • Your home should be an exempt dwelling
  • The amount of the bill is incorrect, for example if you think a discount should apply or if we have not reduced the bill for a person who is disabled

Making an appeal

You need to appeal in writing giving reasons for your appeal.

We then have two months to make a decision about your appeal. If you do not receive a timely decision or you disagree with the decision, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal Service for Wales.

Appeals should be addressed to the Valuation Tribunal, 22 Gold Tops, Newport, NP20 4PG.

If agreed by both parties, the tribunal with then deal with your case via written representations. Otherwise a date will be set for a formal hearing. You will only incur a cost if you choose to employ a solicitor. We will then abide by the decision of the tribunal.

You should continue to pay your original bill until your appeal has been decided.

Penalty charges

You are required by law to provide us with all the information needed to determine who is liable for council tax and for how much. We can impose penalties if you fail to do so, or provide information you know to be false.

If you disagree with the penalty you can discuss it with the council or appeal to the Valuation Tribunal within two months of the penalty being imposed. You do not have to pay your penalty until the appeal has been decided.

Band appeals

Your property value used for council tax banding purposes is the value as at 1 April 2003. Recent purchase prices are therefore not the best grounds on which to base an appeal.

You can only appeal within 6 months of either:

  • Becoming a council tax payer
  • A banding change to a similar property being made by a Valuation Tribunal
  • A banding change being made to the property by the Listing Officer 

Further Information

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) values domestic properties for council tax. This valuation is used to set your council tax band. You might need to contact the VOA if you think your council tax band is wrong.
You can find out more about when you can challenge your band and what you need to do at If you challenge your band, you must continue to pay council tax at your current band until your appeal is decided.
You can contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) at
If you are unable to use the online service you can also contact the VOA on: 03000 505 505.

Valuation Office Agency (VOA)
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