Ystrad Mynach

Data Protection Impact Assessment Form

  • Location: Ystrad Mynach – Cameras 16-25 (inc. Hengoed Viaduct)
  • Ref: PERM179
  • Assessment carried out by: Carl Nesling, Control Room Manager
  • Date of Assessment: 31/10/2023

For what purpose(s) will the CCTV be used?

CCTV is used in accordance with Scheme objectives. The key objectives of the Scheme are:

  • To preserve life and to minimise the risk and danger to the vulnerable through effective CCTV monitoring.
  • To assist in the detection of crime.
  • To facilitate the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders in relation to crime and public order.
  • To assist in the restoration of tranquillity and reduction in anti-social behaviour.
  • To prevent or mitigate interruptions to traffic flow (not to enforce breaches of the traffic law).
  • To assist in the reduction of the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour thereby promoting the reassurance of the communities affected and promoting community regeneration throughout the region.

What are the benefits it is intended to address?

It is intended to benefit the residents, visitors and businesses of Ystrad Mynach in dealing with issues identified in the scheme objectives.

What are the benefits to be gained from its use?

The primary objective of the Scheme is to provide a safe environment for the benefit of those who live, work, trade, visit, serve and enjoy the facilities within the areas covered by Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Can less privacy intrusive solutions (e.g. improved lighting) achieve the same objective?

Sufficient Street Lighting in the area both to benefit the users and assist in improving the quality of CCTV.

No other long term solution is available to provide the coverage in both area and length of time, is available.

Do you need images of identifiable individuals or could the scheme use other images not capable of identifying individuals?

The scheme owners will maintain policies and procedures to meet the requirements of:

  • BS 7958: 2015 / BS 10800: 2020 / BS 7858:2019
  • Information Commissionaires CCTV Code of Practice
  • Regulation of the Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)
  • Human Rights Act
  • Health & Safety at Work Act (HSW)
  • Equal Opportunities Act
  • Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice
  • Surveillance Camera Commissionaires Code of Practice

Images of persons are needed to be able to identify any person who commits any breaches of the scheme objectives and can be used by relevant prosecuting authorities.

Will the particular equipment / system being considered deliver the desired benefits now and remain suitable in the future?

The system is able to provide high quality images and the desired benefits needed to produce evidence sufficient for use by prosecuting authorities.  System is modernised and updated to ensure continued high quality imagery produced.

What (if any) future demands may arise for wider use of images and how will you address these?

The main town centre area is covered.  Unlikely to have any permanent extensions to current system.

What could you do to minimise intrusion for those that may be monitored, particularly if specific concerns have been expressed?

Management system records all actions of operators allowing for audits of camera patrols plus privacy blocks on cameras to exclude any intrusion on private space.

Is appropriate signage informing individuals of the camera in place (if required)?

Signage installed on all roads and public entries into town centre along with signage within the town centre.

Proposed time period for installation of the CCTV

System has been in place for a number of years.  DPIA carried out in accordance with Surveillance Camera Commissionaires Code of Practice.

Head of Service

Is the proposed system in accordance with the law? (Primarily the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act)

Yes the proposed system operates in accordance with the law, British Standards and relevant Codes of Practice

Is it necessary to address a pressing need, such as public safety or crime prevention?

Yes as supported by the incidents monitored etc. and responses of consultees.  The cameras assist in public safety, assurance, crime prevention and antisocial behaviour issues.

Is it justified in the circumstance?


Is it appropriate to the problem that it is designed to deal with?


  • Approved by Nominated Person: J Morgan
  • Date: 16/10/2023

What are the views of those individuals (if any) who will be under surveillance?

Control Room Manager

Carl Nesling: "The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has put a responsibility on Local Authorities to justify any deployment of surveillance cameras via a Data Protection Impact Assessment (Previously Privacy Impact Assessment - P.I.A).

Such assessments are now required before deploying any new cameras and for assessing the continuing need for existing cameras. PIA’s consider whether there is a justified need for the deployment of cameras, for example serious, frequent antisocial behaviour.

It also considers the impact on those subjected to the surveillance, whether such actions are proportionate to the problem they aim to address and if other less intrusive measures have been considered e.g., improved lighting, gating, warden patrols, increased police patrols etc.

The system at Ystrad Mynach is due for its annual review and I am contacting all relevant / interested parties for their views on CCTV to enable us to make an assessment on the continued use of CCTV. Attached are some statistical information for your area in previous 12 months 01/08/22 to 31/07/23.

  • 1586 targeted CCTV patrols carried out by operators
  • 16 incidents / situations monitored by CCTV not requiring police attendance
  • 56 police request for assistance for live incidents
  • 4 police requests to view retrospective CCTV footage after incident has already occurred.
  • 2 Incidents CCTV uploaded directly to  Police database
  • Police.uk website - For period 01/08/22 to 31/07/23 there were 656 recorded incidents in the Ystrad Mynach ward and 35 recorded incidents in or near the area of the cameras.

Cynghorydd Sir - Ystrad Mynach | County Councillor - Ystrad Mynach

Cllr Alan Angel: "Morning Carl having the CCTV cameras in Ystrad is a must if anything we could do with another camera at the entrance to the back lane by the spar shop. As we have a lot of problems with youths causing problems most nights out side of the vape shop and also in the lane out side residents houses. One of the residents as now put his house up for sale due to the problems we are having police have been informed and earlier this year he confronted some youths outside his house and one pulled a knife on him. Police attend but found no knife when youth was searched. So we do need CCTV in our town."

Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer| Swyddog lleihau trosedd ac anhrefn

PC Greg Turley: "As the Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer for the area I would support and request that the cameras remain at their locations they provide both a Crime Prevention and Crime Detection purpose and the figures below support their necessity."

Swyddog Cymorth Ymddygiad Gwrthgymdeithasol | Anti-social Behaviour Coordinator

Darren Carless MSc: "Based on the below and incidents / issues we’ve dealt with in the past 12 months I’d support the camera remaining."

Clerc i’r Cyngor / Clerk to the Council

Ms Ceri Mortimer: "Gelligaer Community Council agree to the continuation of CCTV in Ystrad Mynach to deter crime and for evidence gathering."