Community Safety Wardens

We have a team of Community Safety Wardens that provide a visible uniformed presence in our communities. Their primary duty is to reduce levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime in communities but they also provide reassurance, assistance and help in order to create a safer, more pleasant living environment.

The wardens do not replace the Police, rangers or any other kind of wardens; instead they complement existing services and help ensure a coordinated response to problems.

What can the wardens deal with?

The Community Safety Wardens can deal with a wide range of day to day issues that can blight our communities including:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Groups in the street
  • Verbal abuse
  • Drinking (in public)
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Loud music
  • Car alarms / burglar alarms
  • Disputes with neighbours
  • Environmental nuisance
  • Littering / fly-tipping
  • Graffiti
  • Dog fouling
  • Abandoned/dangerous vehicles

What powers do the Community Safety Wardens have?

The Community Safety Wardens  are accredited by the Chief Constable of Gwent and have the following powers when on duty:

  • Issue fixed penalty notices in respect of cycling on the footpath, dog fouling and litter.
  • Confiscate alcohol in a designated public place or from young persons.
  • Confiscate tobacco from young persons.
  • Remove abandoned vehicles.
  • Regulate Traffic.
  • They can direct a person on foot to stop proceeding along or across a carriageway 
  • They can request the name and address of an individual in the following circumstances:
    • For relevant fixed penalty offences
    • For any offence involving injury / alarm /distress, or loss of / damage to another’s property
    • When they have reasonable belief that the individual is acting in an anti-social manner.

Failure or refusal to provide the correct name and address when requested by a Community Safety Warden is a criminal offence, as is assaulting / obstructing a warden.

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