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If you have problems with rats please report it using the form below.

Report a problem with rats

To request a visit about cockroaches, mice, wasps, fleas or bedbugs please call us.

If there is a charge for the treatment, you will need to pay for it when requesting the visit. Payment can be made by debit or credit card over the telephone.

Bird Feeding Information

Bird Feeding and Pest Control

The Council’s Pest Control Team carries out treatment for rats and mice within the borough but numbers increase when bird feeding takes place.

Bird feed provides rats with high-energy food at regular intervals in a fixed location. Birds are messy feeders and small amounts of food pecked off a feeder may be enough to support a population of rats. These may breed all year round and their young may move to the surrounding area to start new colonies.

A garden will often provide rats with food, water and shelter. Any attempt to eliminate an infestation and prevent further problems is likely to fail unless action is taken to address these issues.

Bird feeding without problems

The Pest Control Team does not want birds to miss out on seed, nuts and other tidbits, especially in the winter, but would ask you to help in making the food less accessible to other species.

Good practice

If you feed birds in your garden please follow these guidelines to help deter rodents:

  • Do not scatter food on the ground where it’s an easy source of food for rodents and nuisance birds. When food is on the ground you have no control over which birds or animals feed on it.
  • Bird tables are often easily accessible to rodents. Do not overstock them or provide large quantities or unsuitable foods.
  • Use a bird table with a roof to try and deter/prevent large nuisance birds from accessing the food.
  • Use proprietary bird feeders with a catch tray or pest proof feeders to reduce debris falling on the ground.
  • Ideally, place small quantities in feeders to ensure that they emptied daily.
  • Never put food out at night, as it will be an easy food source for rodents.

By following the guidelines above you will encourage small garden birds to your garden, whilst deterring rodents.

What do I have to pay?

Prices from 1 April 2023:

  • Wasps £38.22 plus VAT per treatment (Please note we do not remove dead wasp nests)
  • Fleas £38.22 plus VAT per treatment
  • Mice £54.60 plus VAT per treatment
  • Rats, cockroaches and bedbugs - free for domestic properties
  • Commercial premises £43.68 per hour plus materials

For other pest control service charges please contact us.

Pests we don’t deal with

We do not offer treatment for all pests such as common garden pests (such as ants, earwigs and woodlice) and carpet/fur beetles. However, we do offer free advice to our residents for controlling common pests including, ants, mice, fleas, flies, beetles and pscocids.