Accumulations of rubbish

We receive many complaints from residents every year about accumulations of rubbish.

Rubbish on the highway, verges and other public land

Rubbish left on the public highway or other open land is called flytipping. Visit our flytipping webpage for further information on what to do if you discover or witness someone flytipping.

Household rubbish on private land

Environmental Health deals with accumulations of rubbish on private land. This waste material often provides shelter for rats or mice, or consists of noxious, decomposing matter, such as food waste and if not removed quickly, will pose a risk to public health.

Private homeowners and tenants living in privately rented accommodation are responsible for ensuring that their rubbish is properly disposed of. If you are a tenant you may also be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you allow rubbish to accumulate either inside your home or in your garden or yard.

Making a complaint

To report accumulations of rubbish on private land please contact Environmental health.

We will visit the site and try to work together with the owner or occupier to get the rubbish removed. However if this is not successful, a formal notice can be served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 or the Public Health Act 1936 requiring them to remove the rubbish within a certain period of time.

If they do not comply, we can arrange for the removal, and then recover the costs.