Litter on the street

We regularly pick up litter and mechanical sweep all of our adopted roads. If you discover a littered area or discarded needles or syringes, please report it to us.


Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)

Dropping litter is an offence. Anyone dropping litter could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100. Non-payment of this notice could result in a prosecution where magistrates can fine up to £1000.

View successful littering prosecutions here (PDF)

Shameful, filthy, selfish

We take a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to dog fouling and littering. Our campaign called 'Shameful, filthy, selfish' and is designed to encourage people to clean up their mess and report the inconsiderate minority who feel it is acceptable to litter or not clean up after their dogs.

Street litter control notices

Where a litter problem can be clearly traced to certain types of premises, such as take away food premises, we can issue a 'Street Litter Control Notice'.  This ensures the owner keeps the front of the premises, plus an agreed distance either side, clear of litter.

Private land and litter control areas

If certain kinds of private land to which the public have access to, such as shopping centre car parks, are badly littered we can declare them a 'Litter Control Area'.  The owner or person using the land is then under a duty to clear the land and keep it free of litter.