Real nappies

Your baby will have around 2,000 nappy changes a year from birth to potty (around 2 ½ years). That's around 5,000 disposable nappies. Equating to 156 black bags, weighing approximately the same as a family car!

Using real nappies could save you £500 for you first child. You could save even more for any future children as they can be re-used.

There is a perception that real nappies are ‘hard work’, but they needn’t be. Many fasten with fabric fasteners or poppers.

You can wash real nappies at 60°C in a normal household washing machine.

Did you know?

  • Real nappies cost a few hundred pounds. Whereas disposables cost over a thousand, over one babies nappy lifetime.
  • Used on next children there is no extra cost when using real nappies.
  • Can be line dried when possible or tumble dried with the rest of your wash.
  • Do not cause nappy rash or use chemicals which can over dry baby’s skin.
  • Are good for the baby’s posture – by keeping hips apart at the right distance.
  • Babies in real nappies should potty train much earlier. This is because of the association between being wet and emptying their bladder. 

Where can I buy real nappies?

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