Real nappies

Why go real?

Save money...

Going Real saves money for both parents and our communities. For every year a baby is in nappies, he or she will need nearly 2,000 nappy changes. With potty training averaging at two and a half years, that is nearly 5,000 nappies per child!

At an average cost of 16p per disposable, between them parents in England and Wales are spending approximately half a billion pounds on disposable nappies every year.

Recent research by Go Real shows that parents can save anything from £150 to over a £1000 over the lifetime of using nappies, depending on their choice of nappies- those are huge savings for cash-strapped families. (And those savings stack up even further when nappies are used on a second- and a third child...)

Better for the environment....

Go Real also estimates, with the vast majority of the 813,000 (and rising) babies born in England and Wales each year using disposables, that’s a staggering 3 billion disposable nappies being used- which translates into over 355,000 tonnes of waste produced and an annual disposal cost  to local authorities (and tax payers) of £32 million.

It is not just our local community that benefits, but our wider environment as well. Reports have shown that a 40% carbon saving can be made through using reusable nappies compared to using disposables- and yes that includes the washing!


Modern Real Nappies are stylish, fashionable and come in a range of patterns, designs sizes and colours. You can even buy bespoke!

If you are inspired to try Real Nappies, explore our website to find out more. You can make the change to save and go real! Or check our events page, to find a local event near you.

Remember, every ‘Real Nappy’ used is one less disposable in landfill

For further information visit the go real website.

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