Housing Revenue Account Business Plan

The Housing Revenue Business Plan sets out income and expenditure plans for Caerphilly Homes, the Council's housing service, over the next financial year.

As well as its business plan, the document also provides detalied narrative outlining Caerphilly Homes' achievements over the past year and its priorities for the next 3 years.

The Caerphilly Homes vision:

'To deliver an outstanding high-quality service for all customers of Caerphilly Homes.'

The mission of the team is that:

'Caerphilly Homes supports all customers fairly and transparently.  Maintaining all homes with a responsive and professional high-quality service.  Building new relationships wth existing and new customers, whilst developing new homes and communities with low-carbon, low-cost homes, for now and the future.  Solutions are sourced for those that are homeless or at risk of homelessness, working with other landlords, public and private, across the county borough to deliver more opportunities for all, whatever the need."

View the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2023 - 24 (pdf)