Help with your occupation contract

We are committed to helping to improve the living conditions for contract holders in private sector housing and Housing Associations by ensuring that properties are safe and secure.

Wherever possible, we work with the owners of such properties to advise and inform them of action that can be undertaken to ensure that suitable accommodation standards are achieved and maintained.

However, where co-operation is not achieved, and the property remains in an 'unsafe' or 'hazardous' condition, we will take formal action against the owner.

All dwellings should provide a safe and healthy environment for current and future occupants. This relates to the condition of the structure, associated outbuildings, gardens, yard and/ or other amenity space and means of access.

The GOV.UK website provides information about private renting including, your rights and responsibilities, repairs, rent increases, rent arrears, and rent disputes. 

For further information and advice, please contact private sector housing.

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