WHQS improvement scheme

We are pleased to announce the completion of our Welsh Housing Quality Standard programme.

This flagship programme has seen the largest ever single investment ever made into the council's housing stock, with over £260 million spent on improvements to tenants' homes and communities.

In 2022/23  we will receive £7.3m from the Welsh Government which will be spent on WHQS improvement schemes.
In 2022/23 we will spend £14.5m on WHQS improvements. 

What is the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)?

The WHQS is a set of standards that all council and housing association homes in Wales must meet.  The standard states that all homes should be

  • in a good state of repair
  • safe and secure
  • adequately heated
  • up to date in kitchens and bathrooms
  • well managed
  • in attractive and safe environments
  • suitable for specific households
WHQS Compliance Policy (pdf)

An environmental improvement programme has also been delivered as part of WHQS which looks at areas outside the curtilage of council homes.   Click here for more information on the WHQS environmental programme.

See the difference made to tenants’ homes and local communities as a result of our Welsh Housing Quality Standard programme.

Feedback from Wales Audit Office service user review

In 2018 Wales Audit Office carried out an independent review of the council’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) programme.  As part of this review, they completed a number of telephone interviews with tenants and leaseholders.

Click here for an overview of the results of the telephone surveys.


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