Vision and Values

Our communities are changing, their needs are changing and we are changing too!

Team Caerphilly has more than 8,000 staff who support communities to thrive. We are a large and diverse workforce working at the heart of public service delivery. If you are passionate about making a difference join Team Caerphilly – We are better together!

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

We have created a set of values with staff that underpin the operating model. They act as guiding principles and set the tone for the way we operate and interact at all levels.

Innovative: We will empower staff to develop innovative and creative responses to challenges faced within a safe culture of mutual respect.

United and Connected: We share a vision that serves the common good; we will actively collaborate and engage in healthy internal communication.

Trusted: We will act credibly, reliably, and will foster, support and maintain positive relationships.

Resilient: We will build teams that are able to rise to the challenges we face and adapt to any adverse conditions.

Open and Transparent: We will communicate openly, share information, listen and appreciate other perspectives, give prompt feedback and learn from our mistakes.

Our Operating Model

Our Operating Model

#TeamCaerphilly - Better Together is a strategic programme of “whole-authority” transformational change delivered through a new operating model which will underpin for the way that we provide services.

We need to move away from traditional models of service delivery, embrace change, be prepared to innovate and take well managed risks. We will also need to modernise through harnessing emerging technologies and fully engaging with our workforce and communities.

At the core of this programme of change is our mantra of Social Heart and Commercial Head. This recognises our commitment to public service and the needs of our citizens, but also demonstrates a commitment to explore commercial and investment opportunities, where appropriate, to generate income that can be reinvested in services to help them remain resilient.

This strategic programme of “whole-authority” work will be delivered through the following key themes:

  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Digital First
  • Service Reviews
  • Commercialisation
  • Community Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Resources
  • Workforce Planning

Benefits and rewards

We offer a wide range of flexible and family friendly employment initiatives and working arrangements to the majority of our employees.

These are aimed at creating a positive working environment in which employees are able to work to their full potential and achieve a healthy work-life balance.