Flood Risk Management Plan

Flooding remains a key threat across Wales and managing this risk through careful planning is important to minimise the risk to our communities. Flood risk management planning allows Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA's) to develop a better understanding of risk from all sources of flooding and agree priorities to manage that risk.

The Flood Risk Management Plan has been developed with this in mind and sets out how Caerphilly’s County Borough Council (CCBC) will, over the next 6 years, manage flood risk so that the communities most at risk and the environment benefit the most. In doing so, the Flood Risk Management Plan takes forward the objectives and actions set out in our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS).

The Flood Risk Management Plan also aims to achieve some of the objectives set out in the Welsh Government’s National Flood and Costal Erosion Risk Management Strategy, which provides the national framework for flood and coastal erosion risk management in Wales through four overarching objectives:

  • Reducing the consequences for individuals, communities, businesses and the environment from flooding and coastal erosion;
  • Raising awareness of and engaging people in the response to flood and coastal erosion risk;
  • Providing an effective and sustained response to flood and coastal erosion events;
  • Prioritising investment in the most at risk communities.

The Flood Risk Management Plan covers flooding from surface water, groundwater, ordinary watercourses and the interface with main river flooding. Flooding from main river and reservoirs is still the responsibility of Natural Resources Wales.

Flood Risk Management Plan (PDF)