Gritting vehicles

We have a fleet of 13 state of the art gritters which are supplied by ECON - the UK's leading supplier of winter maintenance equipment.

Our fleet of gritters have a 'low throw' spreading device, which distributes the salt on the road at a lower level than the traditional gritters. This ensures that the majority of the grit is kept on the roads and minimises the amount of grit, which bounces up and hits cars.

All the gritters are fitted with a GPS tracking system, which provides live and archived data. The tracking system lets us know the exact route the gritters have travelled, the start and finish time of the treatment, the speed they travelled at, the extent of the road they treated and the amount of grit which was spread on the roads, amongst other vital information.

Our fleet of gritters also have demountable snow ploughs, which can be fitted, to clear snow from the highway.