Salt supplies

For the forthcoming winter service period we will use “safecoat” coated rock salt. This type of salt adheres itself to the road surface, thus eliminating waste. 

Safecoat coated rock salt also reduces the amount of corrosion on street furniture, structures and road vehicles, as well as reduced application rates.

Stocks of ground rock salt, stored in barns at Pontlottyn, Bedwas and Penmaen, are replenished during the summer.  Salt is stored in barns as rainwater causes loss of salinity and increases its moisture content.  Wet salt is difficult to spread and can damage equipment.

During periods of prolonged severe weather conditions salt stocks may need to be replenished.  Contracts to supply salt have been awarded to suppliers in Cheshire.  Supplies can normally be obtained from Cheshire within 48 hours. 

The availability of rock salt from stock at the start 2017/18 was 10,000T.

Salt stocks are monitored weekly and minimum stock levels have been set at 50% of the total.  Stock levels between this minimum and the start of winter levels will be provided throughout the winter dependent on supplier deliveries. The actual level is to be determined on weather conditions, forecast and judgment.