Road verges and grass cutting

As the highway authority, we are responsible for overgrowth coming from the highway verge, including trees, hedges, grass cutting and weeds.

Overgrowth of vegetation can create a safety hazard for highway users by:

  • obstructing visibility at junctions
  • forcing highway users, particularly horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians, into the road
  • affecting surface water drainage, causing localised flooding.

Grass cutting on our verges is carried out twice a year, during May and August.

If you are aware of a verge causing a safety issue please report it to us using the online form below.

If you have recently raised a request and would like to discuss further, please email or call 01443 866511 quoting your form reference number.

If the issue is a threat to public safety please all Highways Customer Care on 01443 866511 during our office hours or 01443 875500 for out of hours emergencies.

Growth onto the highway from private property

Under the Highways Act (1980 and as amended) you are responsible for maintaining trees, hedges and shrubs within your own property that adjoin onto the public highway. Visit our overhanging vegetation section for details.