Street cleaning programme

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we are responsible for keeping the public highways free from litter. We provide a full range of services that help make Caerphilly a cleaner, safer and greener place to live. 

Street cleansing is a year round operation and activities include: removing dead animals, dog fouling and fly-tips, emptying litter bins, clearing up spillages and cleansing public conveniences. 

The service covers all our public sites and adopted roads managed by the council.

Mechanical road sweeping is scheduled to take place on a regular cycle on arterial routes (main roads) where possible. High amenity areas such as the town centre and local shopping centres are cleansed daily. Other areas of land will be monitored and cleansed to meet the standards contained within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Code of Practice for litter and refuse.

Reporting street cleaning issues

If you notice that an area requires attention please report it to us using one of the following links.