Activities available

We offer a number of activities to suit all ages and abilities. 


Want to learn how to get down a mountain wall quickly and safely? Then why not have a go at abseiling. Our qualified staff will teach you how to descend a cliff using a rope and climbing equipment.

Adventure walking/Gorge walking

This is one of our popular activities. Adventure walking can involve anything from climbing up waterfalls, crawling through mud, jumping into rivers or climbing trees. The activity varies from time to time depending upon the age and ability of the participants.


The canoe descends from a craft developed by Native American Indians. Canoes are large open crafts, which can carry up to 4 people. Propelled by single-bladed paddles, they are best used on quiet water. Getting wet whilst canoeing is not unusual!


Kayaks stem from a craft used by the Inuit people of the Arctic. The kayak is usually enclosed with the paddler sitting inside the cockpit propelling the craft with a two-bladed paddle. Kayaks tend to be used in a wide range of water environments and are equally at home on white water, surf, the sea or quiet rivers.

Mountain biking

This type of biking takes normal cycling to the next level. Mountain biking involves ascent, cycling up steep hills, which can be very tiring. It also involves descent, cycling down hill, which can be both challenging and exciting.

Rock climbing

This activity is all about climbing cliffs. Rock climbing can take place indoors on an artificial climbing wall, or outside on almost any type of rock face; here at Caerphilly we use quarries, sea cliffs, natural outcrops and mountain cliffs. A climb is graded in order of difficulty. The grades of climbs attempted will depend on the group's or individual's age and ability.


Coasteering involves climbing, swimming, and jumping along cliffs by the sea. This is an engaging activity, which fascinates many. It is not necessary to know how to swim to enjoy coasteering.


The outdoor industry is proud of its excellent safety record, as are we in Caerphilly Outdoor Education Service. The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority has issued the service with a licence to deliver adventurous activities.

All activities carry some risk. However, we do our best to minimise that risk. We do this by using:

  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Safety equipment designed for the activity that is constantly monitored
  • Sites suitable for the activities concerned
  • Activities suitable for the age and ability of participants

All instructors are trained in first aid and carry effective first aid equipment. They are also trained to deal with emergency situations.

If the above information is not sufficient or you require clarification, please call Caerphilly Outdoor Education Service and ask to speak to an Outdoor Activities Instructor.

Kit needed for activities

You will need

  • OLD clothing that you don't mind getting wet or muddy. This includes tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, underwear, socks, jumpers, sweatshirts etc.
  • One pair of shoes / old trainers for water activities
  • One pair of shoes / trainers for dry activities
  • One set of clothing for travelling home (residential only)
  • Wash kit such as soap, shower gel etc. (residential only)
  • Two towels (not your best ones) one for a day activity
  • Sun cream and sun hat or woollen hat and gloves (depending on weather)
  • Jacket
  • A change of clothes (each day – residential only)
  • A spare pair of shoes

Any other specialist clothing or equipment you require will be issued to you upon arrival. There is a drying room at the centre so wet kit can dry out when not being worn. Last, but not least, please DO NOT bring expensive items or jewellery on your trip. If it goes missing there is little we can do. Also, please DO NOT bring more than £5.

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