Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme

The Sustainable Communities for Learning programme is a collaboration between the Welsh Government and local authorities in Wales. It is a long-term strategic capital investment programme with the aim of creating a generation of 21st Century Schools in Wales.

The Vision for Caerphilly

In Caerphilly we have bold ambitions to provide every learner with the best life chances and we are committed to doing this through the provision of high-quality teaching, learning and leadership across our school settings.

The Council has listed Improving education opportunities for all as the first of its Wellbeing Objectives and has committed to an ambitious Sustainable Communities for Learning investment programme.

To ensure we deliver a quality service, there is a dedicated Sustainable Communities for Learning Team in Caerphilly that review cases for schools to be modernised, repaired, refurbished, extended, or partially rebuilt to meet the standards needed for contemporary teaching and learning. The team may propose new schools to meet demand or replace existing schools which are no longer fit for purpose.

There are 2 key investment priorities:

Investment Objective 1:

To provide efficient and effective educational infrastructure that will meet current and future demand for places.

Investment Objective 2:

To optimise the use of infrastructure and resources, to deliver public services for our communities. This will include flexibility of our assets so that space and facilities available for our stakeholders are maximised.


On the 4th June 2019 Caerphilly Council declared a ‘climate emergency’ and committed to reducing its carbon emissions to net-zero by 2030. This also supports Welsh Government’s commitment to the target of achieving a net-zero carbon public sector in Wales by 2030. The Sustainable Communities for Learning team ensure decarbonisation is a key factor in the choice of materials, transport and construction techniques for new projects.

Welsh Government and Local Authority Focused Grants

In addition to the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme funding; the Local Authority have been successful in their application for several Welsh Government focused bids introduced over the years. The team at Caerphilly are committed to utilising grant funding to develop community focused schools with facilities accessible to the public.

We welcome feedback on the Sustainable Communities for Learning programme so please contact us on 01443 864817 or email

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