Dealing with emergencies

Preparing for emergencies

Many carers who provide unpaid care and support for a family member or friend choose to manage with little or no outside help, but may worry about what to do if certain urgent situations arise. It therefore helps to give some thought to what you can do if ever faced with an emergency, either during the day, or at night, or weekends.

Carers are often so busy dealing with everyday events that forward planning can seem a bit of a luxury. However, thinking about what might happen could prevent a mishap turning into a disaster, and help reduce the stress for everyone concerned.

Being prepared can't stop emergencies happening but it can make them just a little bit easier to manage at a time when you need it most.

The leaflet below explains some of the issues you should think about and includes a Carers Emergency Plan that you can complete.

A carer's guide to planning for emergencies

Carers emergency cards 

If you look after someone who needs care, help or support because they have an illness, disability or are elderly and frail, then a carer's emergency card will help to give you peace of mind. The carer's emergency card will enable people to quickly identify you as a carer in an emergency.

You should carry the card with you at all times. If you have an accident or emergency, then the card will alert the emergency services that there is someone at home who can't manage without help or assistance. They will then contact the number of the back of the card so that someone can help the person you care for.

If you would like to receive a Carers Emergency Card please contact the Carers Support Worker.


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