Help with hearing difficulties

One in seven people suffer from hearing loss. In fact, many people over the age of 50 begin to lose some of their hearing. They may experience difficulty hearing the television, telephone and everyday conversation.

If you think this is happening to you, you should make an appointment with you doctor

Usually your doctor will arrange for you to see and ENT (ear/nose/throat) consultant. The ENT will test your hearing and you may be given a hearing aid.

If you are having difficulties with your hearing or for further information or to make a referral, please contact the Information, Advice and Assistance (IAA) Team

We can give you advice and information if your day-to-day life is affected because you are deaf or have a permanent hearing loss. We will book an interpreter to help us do this if it is needed.

The service you will have is provided by a Social Worker.

The Social Worker will talk to you about your hearing loss and any problems you might be having and will give you a special assessment.

The service aims to give you the right information and skills so you can have more independence in your home and community.

The service includes:

  • registration
  • advice about services available from Health, Social Services and other agencies
  • advice on promoting safety and independence in your home
  • advice about special equipment that we may be able to give you
  • advice about local deaf clubs 

Losing your sight and your hearing?

Please visit our Combined Hearing and Sight Difficulties page

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