Day time opportunities for adults with a learning disability

Day Services provide a wide range daytime activities across the Caerphilly County Borough that include:

  • Providing opportunities to establish and maintain friendships, socialise and access community activities and services.
  • Community based services that encourages greater independence and offers opportunities to develop skills, abilities and knowledge to take more control of day to day living.
  • Enable people to have access to both meaningful community experiences and safe and appropriately supported environments that will meet their health and social care needs, as well as providing respite for families and carers.

Day Services are committed to working in a person centred way by ensuring that the individuals they support are at the centre of everything they do by:

  • Recognising that each individual has their own identity, needs, wishes, choices, beliefs and values.
  • Recognising the value of life experiences by understanding the importance of each individual’s past, their present-day experience and their hopes for the future.
  • Understanding what is important to each individual.
  • Increasing the well-being, identity and sense of belonging of each individual.
  • Understanding and demonstrating the ability to connect with individuals by recognising and responding to their feelings and emotions.
  • Involving individuals and their carers’ in all aspects of their service that includes the planning, development and the way in which services are delivered.

The Volunteer Service

The Volunteer Service provides opportunities for people with a learning disability to take an active part in their community usually through leisure activities or spending time with each other at home. Volunteers are matched with a person(s) who have similar interests and they meet on a regular basis where friendships are made.

Who can receive a service?

A person is eligible to receive a service from Community Support Services if they meet the following criteria:

  • An assessment of need has been undertaken by Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Learning Disability Team.
  • The person lives within the County Borough of Caerphilly.
  • The person is a resident of Caerphilly County Borough and has an assessment of need from their local Authority which establishes their entitlement to services.

For more information about day time opportunities, please contact the Information, Advice and Assitance Team

Adult Social Services Assisted Transport Policy

Adult Social Services Assisted Transport is a transport service provided to people over the age of 18, to access ‘community activities’ within Caerphilly borough. A community activity is a care and support service that an individual attends away from their home, which is provided by Adult Social Services as part of a care and support plan.

Assisted Transport Policy
Assisted Transport Policy Easy Read

Your questions answered

We have prepared a comprehensive list of questions and answers that explain the changes to service from 25th October 2021.

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