Re-opening of household waste recycling centres

Frequently asked questions for residents

Have all Household Waste Recycling Centres in the county borough reopened?
Yes – all 6 sites have reopened under normal opening days and hours for essential visits only.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit?
You do not need to make an appointment, but please remember to bring your ID with you.  Sites should only be used if essential and the waste cannot be stored safely at home.

Can I visit a Household Waste Recycling Centre if someone in my household has symptoms of Covid-19?
No – you should not visit any of the sites if you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms or have not completed the full self-isolation period advised by Public Health Wales.  Visit our website for more information on self-isolating: 

What ID will I need to bring and why?
You will need to bring ID each time you visit one of our sites and show it to staff on the inside of your vehicle with the window fully closed.  

The following forms of ID are accepted:

  • A photo card drivers’ licence
  • Old style paper driving licence (as this does not specify your address you will also need to show your most recent council tax bill and passport)
  • If you do not have a driving licence you may present your concessionary bus pass together with a recent council tax bill showing your current address

Proof of address is needed to ensure our sites are being used only by residents of the Caerphilly county borough.  If you forget to bring your ID you will be asked to leave and return with your proof of residency.

Can I bring a trailer or van?
Only cars will be permitted during this interim period.  Our permit system has been placed on hold for the moment to help ensure everyone’s safety, by avoiding interaction between the public and our staff.  This will also help traffic flow and allow more residents to use the sites safely.

I have converted my van and it now has seats in the back, am I allowed to visit any of the sites? 
Yes - for the interim, only vehicles that require a permit will not be granted entry to our sites.

What is an essential visit / what waste can I bring?
An essential trip would be for items that cannot be disposed of at our kerbside collections and that cannot be stored safely at home because they pose a risk of injury or harm to health.

Do I need to separate my waste before I visit?
Yes – this will help residents dispose of their waste as quickly and efficiently as possible while they’re at the centre.

How many cars will be allowed on site at a time?
Only one car will be allowed on site at a time so that we can safely manage social distancing requirements to protect the public and staff.  We ask residents for their understanding and patience as there may be a need to queue.

Can staff help me unload my vehicle?
Staff will not be able to assist you and will be maintaining distancing measures at all times.  We strongly advise against visiting the site if you are unable to unload your vehicle.

Can I bring someone to help?
Residents should still be following Public Health Wales and Welsh Government guidance by avoiding non-essential journeys.  If someone from your household does travel with you to a Household Waste Recycling Centre, only one of you may leave the vehicle.  Please note that staff are unable to help you unload any items, so only take items that you can carry yourself.

Can I visit more than once? 
Residents are requested not to make multiple visits to site. Please only visit if it is essential and refrain from visiting more than once in a day.

Can residents from outside the Caerphilly county borough visit? 
No - our sites are for residents of the county borough only, which is why bringing ID is very important. Residents from outside the county borough will be turned away and advised of their nearest amenities if necessary.

Will there be extra cleaning on site?
Yes - sites will be cleaned regularly and staff will be wiping down surfaces that are regularly used.  We ask residents to practice good personal hygiene, by washing their hands when coming to site and then again when they return home.

Will the rules be relaxed if queues get too big? 
No - these new measures are in place for everyone’s safety.  If the queues are too big then it is likely that some residents are making non-essential journeys.  There are also traffic management plans in place, if queuing becomes an issue then vehicles will be asked to leave and return at a later time/date, especially around the time of the sites closing.

Should I delay visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre for a couple of weeks?
During this interim period residents should only be visiting the sites if essential.  If you can safely store items at your home for the time being, we would recommend doing so until the situation improves.  We are expecting demand for the sites to be high initially, so there are likely to be long queues.

What if people don’t follow the new rules? 
Anyone not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the site.  Sites will only remain open when it is safe to do so.