Pre-planning application guidance and services

We recommend that you seek pre-application advice because:

  • early discussion can assist in achieving the best outcome for your application and the surrounding area
  • to provide you with information about planning considerations, risks and issues around your proposal and how you may overcome them
  • to provide you with information on any financial contributions or community benefits that may be applicable
  • to speed up the application process

This service is chargeable, and the fees are set by Welsh Government.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for pre-application advice but you might want to check that you actually need planning permission for your proposal or whether it is permitted development.  You will find planning guidance for many common building work projects on the Planning portal website. If you are still unsure whether your project would need permission, we recommend that you submit an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

How to apply for pre-application advice

As of 16 March 2016 the process is statutory and we offer two levels of service:

  • Statutory pre-application advice service (required by Welsh Government)
  • Additional service provided by the Planning Authority

Each service is outlined below.

The statutory pre-application advice service

You will need to complete an application form and as a minimum you should provide:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Description of the proposal (including an indication of increase in floor space, and/or number of new units proposed)
  • Site address
  • Location plan
  • The required fee (see below)

Householder enquiries will receive the following information:

  • The relevant planning history of the site
  • The relevant development plan policies against which the development proposal will be assessed
  • Relevant supplementary planning guidance (i.e. design, conservation etc.)
  • Any other material planning considerations
  • An initial assessment of the proposed development, based on the information above

For all other development proposals, applicants will receive the information outlined above, as well as whether any Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy contributions are likely to be sought along with an indication of the scope and amount of those contributions and details of any documents and particulars or evidence that would be required for a subsequent application to be a valid application.

This service does not include:

  • the consultation of any statutory or any other consultees
  • any meetings
  • a visit to the site by the case officer
  • advice about the information needed to make an application valid on submission.

Pre-planning advice application form (PDF)

Please send your enquiry with any relevant documents and fee either by post to:

Head of Planning and Regeneration, Caerphilly County Borough Council, Tredomen House, Tredomen Park, Ystrad Mynach, CF92 7WF, or by email to A written response to all valid pre-application enquiries will be given within 21 days, unless an extension of time is agreed with you.

Statutory fees

The fees for the statutory pre-application advice service are statutory and are available below.

Statutory fees for pre-planning advice (PDF)

All fees are non-refundable, and are in addition to the normal planning applications fees. Multiple requests will be charged individually. If the fee is not paid within 15 works days after a reminder, no response will be given.

Additional service provided by the planning authority

If you wish the local planning authority to provide the following services as part of the pre-application advice process, the appropriate fees will apply.



Consult statutory and non-statutory consultees within Caerphilly County Borough Council

20% of the statutory fee for the development type proposed.

Meetings with officers on site or at an office

20% of the statutory fee for the development type proposed for each meeting

Site visit by  the case officer

20% of the statutory fee for the development type proposed (this will not be charged separately if a meeting is held on site with the case officer)

Advice on the information needed to make an application valid on submission

20% of the statutory fee for the development type proposed

We will provide these additional services within 42 days of the receipt of a valid application. There is a section on the application form where you can request these services, where you must confirm to an extension to the period for reply otherwise these additional services will not be provided.

Please note: The purpose of the additional service is for you to have initial contact with the Council’s officers to explain the nature of the development, and for officers to bring the main material considerations or issues of concern to your attention.

Officers are not in a position at this stage to resolve issues or come to any final conclusions about your proposals, and will only be able to provide a general initial assessment of your scheme. The meeting will be an opportunity for you to become aware of those views, and take account of them in the submission of your application. At this stage, the Council cannot review documentation such as traffic assessments, wildlife surveys, or viability assessments. However, if you have prepared them, you would have the opportunity at a meeting of pointing out where those documents address any concerns raised by officers.

Neither the statutory nor the additional pre-application services described above prejudice the local planning authority’s determination of any planning application.

Confidentiality of information

Information related to pre-application discussions may be subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

The Act and the Regulations provide for some exemptions from the need to disclose commercially sensitive information and in cases where applicants consider that specific information is exempt from the requirements of the Act or the Regulations, the justification for their position should be provided to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Other services

Providing the planning history of a site:
Householder (involving no more than one dwelling)
Other Development

£48 (inclusive of VAT)
£120 (inclusive of VAT)

Advising whether a particular development has had its permitted development rights removed by condition

£48 (inclusive of VAT)

Advice on whether conditions have been discharged:
Householder (involving no more than one dwelling)
Other Development

£48 (inclusive of VAT)
£120 (inclusive of VAT)

Query as to whether a development requires planning permission or whether development is lawful

If you are unsure whether your project would need permission or if it is Lawful. We recommend that you submit an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness.


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