Safety at sports grounds certification

There are two types of certificate, a General Safety Certificate and a Special Safety Certificate.

General Safety Certificate

You must have a General Safety Certificate if you operate:

  • A sports ground or stadia which holds designated sporting events and provides accommodation for more than 10,000 spectators or in the case of Premiership or Football League 5,000 spectators
  • A stand at any sports ground or stadia that provides covered accommodation for 500 or more spectators that is not already covered within a designated sports ground/stadium as above. This is know as a Regulated Stand

Special Safety Certificate 

You must have a Special Safety Certificate for the use of a sports ground for a specified activity or activities on a specified occasion or occasions if the activity or activities are not included within the General Safety Certificate.

Who can apply for a safety certificate?

You must be a person of good character who is authorised to represent the sports ground/stadium.

In the case of a Special Safety Certificate, the event promoter can apply.

How do I apply?

Applications can be made online.

Application for a General Safety Certificate for a Regulated Stand

Application to change a General Safety Certificate for a Regulated Stand

Application for a Special Safety Certificate


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