Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) are documents produced by us to give guidance to the public, applicants and developers when making planning applications. 

The aim of the notes is to:

  • identify relevant planning policies likely to affect the topic
  • summarise the planning issues that arise from certain applications
  • provide guidance on how to meet the policies
  • give general advice on other planning issues

SPGs are one of the 'material considerations' taken into account when determining planning applications.

Adopted SPGs

The following pieces of SPG have been formally adopted, following public consultation, and are material considerations that will be taken into account when determining a planning application.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Interim supplementary planning guidance refers to all planning guidance produced under the auspices of previous development plans. This guidance is in the process of being updated but has been adopted as interim guidance in the meantime for development control purposes.

Conservation area design guides

Site development briefs

Town centre action plans

Wind Turbine technical guidance

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