Armed Forces Covenant Trust

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (the Trust) supports the Armed Forces Covenant by delivering funding programmes that create real change to Armed Forces communities across the UK. We are a charity and are classified as a Non-Departmental Public Body, or NDPB. We look after the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, worth £10M each year.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund has four broad funding themes now and in future years.

  • Non-core healthcare services for veterans;
  • Removing barriers to family life;
  • Extra support after service for those that need help; and
  • Measures to integrate military and civilian communities and allow the Armed Forces community to participate as citizens.

How we make grants

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust makes grants in a number of ways.

Many of our funding programmes can be oversubscribed and our Trustees cannot fund all good project ideas. It’s really important that you read through our programme guidance carefully before you apply to us for a grant.

We always encourage organisations to work together to deliver their funded projects, to offer the best possible support for the Armed Forces community. Under the terms of some of our funding programmes, this may be a desirable requirement, whereas for others it is essential that there are formal arrangements for collaboration and complementary work, and/or sharing of resources.

Who benefits from our grants

The people who benefit from our grants are from the Armed Forces community. This includes serving personnel, families, veterans and families of veterans. In some of our programmes, the wider community around a base or in an area with an Armed Forces population can also benefit.

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