Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Under the legislation a duty has been placed on Caerphilly County Borough Council to develop, maintain a strategy for local flood risk management (Local Flood Risk Management Strategy).

The strategy only deals with local flood risk which is defined in the act as being a flood risk from:

  • Surface water runoff
  • Groundwater
  • Ordinary watercourses (Main river flooding remains the responsibility of Natural Resource Wales.)

The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy gives a clear vision on how flood risk will be dealt with in Caerphilly County Borough and includes the following: -

  • Information on local flood risk in Caerphilly County Borough Council, highlighting where problems have already occurred and current levels of flood risk
  • Clarification of which organisation is responsible for what in relation to the prevention and management of flooding
  • Information on the measures that will be undertaken to reduce flood risk
  • Clarification of how work is prioritised
  • Measures that communities can undertake to improve flood resilience, as it is not possible to stop all flooding.

Our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has been approved by Cabinet and Welsh Government.

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