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Young people can have their say about sport in Wales

Posted on : 30 Mar 2022

Young people can have their say about sport in Wales
The School Sport Survey which began in 2011 gives children and young people the opportunity to have their say on sport. 

Every school in Wales is invited to take part in the School Sport Survey and aims to identify young peoples’ attitudes, behaviours and opportunities in sport during school, extra-curricular and community provisions. The survey helps to understand who, where and how often young people are taking part in sport. 

The use of pupil voice provides an invaluable level of insight that can be used to positively influence the health and wellbeing of children. The results from previous surveys have allowed for informed decisions to be made about identifying demand, tackling participation barriers and future interventions.

We are encouraging all schools and children within Caerphilly County Borough to complete the survey. The 2022 School Sport Survey will launch on Monday 28th March and will remain open until Friday 22nd July. 

By completing the survey, schools will have access to a range of data specific information around the health and wellbeing of their pupils. Each school will have a specific link to the School Sport Survey and therefore, we are urging all schools to support the survey and encourage pupils to fill it out. The survey will take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Sport Caerphilly can support schools to complete the survey if needed. 

For more information regarding the School Sport Survey, please visit For more information on what sport and active recreation facilities are on offer in your area – please visit:

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