Caerphilly Families First Programme

What is Families First?

Families First aims to improve the lives of children, young people and families in Caerphilly. It aims to support whole families, not just individuals.

We support families at an early stage to provide support, advice, and guidance. We work with families who have a child or children from 0-25 years old.

We work with other agencies so that families receive joined up support when they need it. 

We build on the strengths of the family and show them new ways of doing things. 

This helps them to feel more confident in dealing with difficulties they may face in the future.

How can Families First help you?

Bringing up a family is difficult, and we all need help and support at some time or other. 

Asking for help early on can often prevent things from getting worse or from reaching a crisis point. 

If you and your family need support, advice or guidance the Families First programme may be able to help.

You can contact us by calling our Information Advice and Assistance service (IAA) 0808 100 1727 or email

They will tell you which support service will suit you best. 

Or, if you know which service is most suitable for you, you can contact the project directly. 

Some people prefer to ask their health visitor or school staff to contact us on their behalf. 

Our projects include support for many aspects of family life. 

Go to the Families First projects heading to find out more details about our projects.

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