Disabled adaptations

Council tenants

If you, or someone living in your home, are disabled you may be able to get help with adapting your home or facilities to help you continue living there.

Disabled adaptations for council tenants are fully funded by us. Contact your local housing office for advice.

Housing association tenants

If you are a housing association tenant with a disability you may qualify for a Physical Adaptation Grant (PAG) from the Welsh Government to make a home meet the needs of a disabled tenant.

To apply (if you live in a council or housing association home) you will first need to have an assessment carried out by an Occupational Therapist from Social Services.  After their assessment, they will recommend any works that need to be carried out. 

To request an adult assessment call 0808 100 2500. To request a child assessment call 0808 100 1727.

After the assessment, the Occupational Therapist will decide if works are needed and appropriate. They will also take into account the age, condition and location of your home.  In some cases, the Occupational Therapist may recommend moving to a more suitable home.

Adaptations could include:

  • Giving easier access to and inside your home, eg ramps and stairlifts
  • Making your home safer
  • Providing or improving bathroom facilities
  • Improving heating systems
  • Providing adaptations for people with visual or hearing impairments

Disabled facilities grant

If you are an owner-occupier or private sector tenant and you, or someone living in your home, are disabled you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant. This grant helps towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities to help the disabled person continue living there. Visit the disabled facilities grant section for details.