Report a repair

To report a repair during office hours phone our Centralised Repair Team on 01443 864886, email or contact your local housing office. (If you are contacting them by phone press option 1.) 

For emergency repairs when the housing offices are closed call 01443 875500.

If you think there is a gas leak in your home telephone the emergency service Wales and West Utilities on 0800 111999

What happens when you report a repair?

When you report a repair to us, we will check whether it’s already been reported or if it will be carried out as part of our Future Planned Asset Maintenance Strategy (PAMS) and provide a timescale for the works to be completed. We will also check to see if the repair is the responsibility of the contract holder or leaseholder (in flats).

We’ll prioritise how quickly we should respond and can tell you what priority your repair is when you report it. 

  • Priority 1 - Emergency out of hours - 2 hours (repaired or made safe)
  • Priority 2 - Emergency working hours - 24 hours (repaired or made safe)
  • Priority 3 - Appointment - 20 working days
  • Priority 5 - Appointment - 45 working days
  • Priority 7 – Specialist contract works – 66 working days
  • Priority 8 - Appointment following pre-inspection of work - 60 working days

When a repair or survey or appointment is made a text alert can be sent to a mobile device of a contract holder / leaseholder to confirm the appointment. A second text can also be sent as a reminder the day before the appointment.

Who will carry out the repair?

Most repairs will be carried out by our Housing Repairs Operations team. However, we sometimes use external contractors for some repairs including specialist work like gas repairs and servicing, air/ground source heat pumps, flat roof works, damp proofing, stair lifts and ceiling hoists.

All members of the council’s workforce and contractors have to abide by the ‘Charter for Trust (PDF)’ while working in your home. 

You may be contacted after a repair is completed to give your views.

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