SAB pre-application fees and charges

Service Level

Site Area

Fee (£) Exc.

Fee (£) Inc. VAT

Description of Service

Preapplication advice

Single Residential Dwelling (excluding flats)



This function will provide a detailed technical review of the submitted preapplication form and supporting documents.
A 1-hr online meeting can be
requested at no additional cost.
The outcome of the service is a summary report of the application’s compliance with the Welsh Government standards. The report will highlight where additional information is likely to be required in order to satisfy the drawing and supporting documentation requirements of the national standards.
The report will include a summary of known constraints and of what will be required to constitute a validly made application.

The Developments of National Significance (Specified Criteria
and Prescribed Secondary Consents)
(Wales) Regulations 2016

The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Wales) Regulations 2017

Minor Development (2-9 dwellings; industrial / commercial buildings where internal floor space <1,000m²; Developments <1 Ha)



Major Development (10 or more dwellings; buildings within internal floor space of 1,000m² or more; all sites of 1 Ha or greater)



Developments of National
Significance (DNS) – as defined
by Regulations1 / Sites requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – as defined
by Regulations2



Site Visit




Site visit to support a pre-application. A site visit can be requested as supplementary to pre-application advice and cannot be used in isolation to other services. The pre-application report will be enhanced by site discussions and observations.

Technical Advice


£66.00 / hr

£79.00 / hr

Additional technical advice in conjunction with pre-application advice. Examples include: follow-up meetings, review of amended designs; specific technical questions arising from initial review.
Service level and cost agreed prior to commencement of activity.
Minimum of 2-hours to allow for technical support and administration of request.