If you / your family qualify through age / circumstances for certain benefits you will be entitled to concessionary leisure and library activities.


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UK Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, Passport, Pension Book

Unemployed or Low Income(1)

Guaranteed Pension Credit, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance - Income Based/Contribution Based(L), Employment and Support Allowance
Customers over the age of 60 Customers over the age of 60 Shall be charged the concessionary rate at all times. As a result of a WAG funded initiative, swimming for all customers over the age of 60 will be free at all times


Disability Living Allowance(L), Disability Living Allowance - Higher Rate(L) Learning Disability(L), No Natural Speech(L), Partially Sighted(L), Registered Blind(L), Profoundly/Severely Deaf(L), Medical Mobility Assessment(L), Deaf with No Speech(L), Incapacity Benefit(L).


Letter from College / University, Student Union Card confirming attendance on a full time course.


Promising and talented athletes who meet our Sports Development criteria will be entitled to free access for training purposes. Please contact the Sports Development Team for furter details.

Note: (L) indicated letter / other form of notification required.
(1) Renewed proof required on a 6 monthly basis
(2) Renewed proof required on an annual basis

Helpdesk: 01443 863072