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Caerphilly’s Youth Forum makes great progress with priority issue for 2017

Posted on : 05 Jun 2017

Caerphilly’s Youth Forum makes great progress with priority issue for 2017
Caerphilly’s Youth Forum makes great progress with priority issue for 2017

Caerphilly county borough’s Youth Forum recently held a meeting to discuss the progress on their priority issue for 2017.

The Youth Forum’s priority issue for this year is to address the stigma and stereotyping surrounding mental health. The meeting was used to discuss their progress so far, including an update on events and activities that have been held.

To begin, the Youth Forum discussed their fantastic Forum Theatre performance which was held at Newbridge Memo, with 139 guests attending. During the evening, the group performed their own piece of theatre based around the theme of mental health. Audience participation was then used to create an alternative story whereby people were not judged on their mental wellbeing.

The evening was also an opportunity for the Youth Forum to launch their mental health leaflet, as well as the new social media campaign - #haveaheartCaerphilly. The leaflets have been distributed to schools, youth clubs, charities and the organisation Children in Wales, who are also doing work on mental health.

Members of Caerphilly’s Youth Forum have also worked with Young Wales to develop a number of workshops and activities, which they will deliver in the Children in Wales Conference in June. The conference will examine how poverty affects people’s mental health. The Forum has also created a song titled “I Am Who I Am”, which is available on the Caerphilly Youth Forum Youtube Channel.

A recent meeting was also held for the Youth Forum to present their priority issue to Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet and Scrutiny committee.

Cllr Philippa Marsden, Cabinet Member for Education and Achievement said: “Well done to Caerphilly’s Youth Forum for making such fantastic progress with their priority issue for 2017, Mental Health, which shows an understanding of inclusion and great maturity. Members of the Forum have worked tirelessly, which includes giving a presentation at the Caerphilly Head Teachers Meeting held at Llancaiach Fawr and the creation of an Agored Level1 booklet, which has now been approved for delivery. Well done to everyone involved.”

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