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Caerphilly council continues to make progress

Posted on : 02 Oct 2018

Caerphilly council continues to make progress
Caerphilly county borough council continues to make positive progress across a range of key services areas, but there is still room for improvement, according to a major performance report published this week.
The council’s Cabinet will meet on Wednesday 3rd October to consider the findings of an Annual Performance Report, which results from a major self-assessment exercise undertaken by the organisation each year.
Leader of Council, Cllr Dave Poole welcomed the publication of the report, “It is important that local authorities are accountable to their residents and this annual performance report helps paints a clear picture about how we are doing across a number of key service areas. Councils are facing unprecedented financial pressures at the moment and we are expected to deliver ‘more for less’, so inevitably this is having an impact on the way we deliver our services, but we have a clear set of priorities and this are where our focus remains. ”
All of the council’s five Wellbeing Objectives for 2017/18 were judged as either successful or partially successful against outcomes set. There was more of a mixed picture across the 18 National Indicators that are used to create a national picture across Wales. Eight of the council’s 18 indicators are in the upper quarters and 10 are in the lower quarters when compared to the rest of Wales.
“It is encouraging to see that positive progress is being made in a number of areas, but at the same time the report also shows that there is some need for improvement. We are not complacent and I will now work with senior managers to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to address the shortcomings that have been highlighted in the report,” added Cllr Poole. 
All local authorities are required to carry out a self-assessment and publish a balanced picture of its performance. The Annual Performance Report includes summaries from the Leader and the Interim Chief Executive, financial statements, progress and achievements made against the council’s 5 Wellbeing Objectives and performance comparisons against national Public Accountability Measures.

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