Burial FAQs

Why are graves dug so deep? (it's distressing to see the coffin go down so deep)

Graves have to be dug to a sufficient depth to allow for future burials to take place. Therefore the grave needs to be deep enough to allow not only for the depth of coffins/caskets that will be buried but also to accommodate legal requirements of undisturbed earth to be between each coffin and the amount of earth that must cover the last interment.

Why are there so many different types of grave available at some cemeteries?
I have a lawn grave. Why can't I put a full memorial over the surface of the grave?
Are graves filled in straight after a funeral or are they left to the next day?
I understand that some people wait while the grave is filled in. Why is this?
Can anyone witness the grave being filled?
I've got a lawn grave. When will I be able to put a memorial onto it?
Why have I only been sold the grave for a set period of time? - I want the grave forever!
I own the grave - can anyone else be buried in it if I don't want them to?
I am told the grave is for two people - there is only one person in the grave and I now want two more burials to take place in the grave.
What happens when the lease expires?
Who is responsible for the memorial?
What happens if / when all the owners have died?
Why can't I have what I want on the grave?
Why is a permit needed?
How do I plan a Muslim burial?
What coffins and alternatives are available?
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