Skip specifications

Section 139 & 140, Highways Act 1980
Builders Skip (Markings) Regulations 1984

Along with the published regulations, the placed skip must also meet the following conditions:

  • The skip shall be placed at the location stated on the application and must be positioned on the carriageway unless otherwise approved by the Highways Inspector.
  • Placement must adhere to any special conditions imposed by the Highways Inspector.
  • The dimensions of the skip shall not be greater than 5m x 2m (16’6” x 6’6”).
  • The skip shall be permanently marked with the owner’s name and telephone number, painted bright yellow, and supplemented by reflective red and yellow strips at each end.
  • The skip should be guarded by an arrangement of cones and lamps. Cones to be in an echelon facing the oncoming traffic. The lamps must be placed at each corner and on the lead cones.
  • Any spillage on the highway shall be immediately removed.
  • The Skip company must hold public liability/third party insurance in the sum of £10M.