LDP Consultations

All current and closed 2nd Replacement LDP consultations are listed below.



Stage of Consultation

Further Information

Draft Review report

The Draft Review Report for the Adopted Caerphilly County Borough Local Development Plan up to 2021 considers the progress being made in implementing the LDP and considers the issues that inform the decision on whether the LDP needs to be revised.  

Consultation closed

24 February 2020 - 16 March 2020

Review Report

Draft Delivery Agreement

The Delivery Agreement contains a timetable for the preparation and delivery of the 2nd Replacement LDP and includes a Community Involvement Scheme which sets out how members of the public and other interested groups can contribute to plan preparation.

Consultation closed
25 January 2021 - 29 March 2021

Delivery agreement

Draft Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) Scoping Report

The Scoping Report for the Caerphilly 2RLDP outlines the proposed approach to the ISA of the plan.  

Consultation closed
23 March 2022 - 26 April 2022

ISA Scoping Report

Pre-Deposit Plan (Preferred Strategy)

The Preferred Strategy sets out:

  • The key issues for the County Borough;
  • The Vision, Aims and Objectives;
  • The scale and broad location of future growth in population, housing and jobs;
  • Strategic policies that will deliver/implement the strategy.

Consultation closed
19 October 2022 - 30 November 2022

Pre-Deposit Plan

Initial ISA report

The Initial ISA report is published alongside the Pre- Deposit Plan.

Consultation closed
19 October 2022 - 30 November 2022

Initial ISA report

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