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Food waste

Mash for cash

Food waste recycling - Mash for Cash (PDF)

What food waste can I recycle?

Your food waste caddy is to be used for all food waste and is emptied weekly. Find a full list of what to recycle in your food waste caddy.

How to recycle food waste?

We collect food waste from all 80,000 households every week, so recycling your food waste couldn’t be easier.

  • Most people put a liner in their kitchen caddy then put their food waste in it. You can line your caddy with compostable liners, bread bags or newspaper.
  • Whenever you need to empty your caddy, tie the top and put it in your outdoor caddy Top tip – empty your kitchen caddy regularly to prevent smells.
  • Remember your outdoor caddy comes with a lockable handle.
  • Put your outdoor caddy out for collection by 6:00 am. every week on your collection day. Find your collection day

How to prevent your food waste caddy from smelling?

Keep your food waste caddies free from smells and odours in a few simple steps:

  • Line your kitchen caddy with newspaper, compostable liners or other bags such as bread bags to keep your food waste contained.
  • Avoid putting any liquids such as milk or oil in your caddies. Top tip – give tea bags an extra squeeze and allow to cool before putting them into the caddy to prevent moisture build up.
  • Empty your kitchen caddy regularly.
  • Closing the lid on your kitchen caddy will prevent smells and flies. Don’t forget you should also lock your outdoor caddy to prevent pests and protect against windy weather.
  • Clean your caddies regularly with warm soapy water. Top tip – lemon is a natural odour neutraliser, rub the flesh of a lemon onto the inside of your caddy to keep it smelling fresh.

Why should I recycle food waste?

Caerphilly County Borough are currently on a mission to tackle climate change and boost our recycling rate, but we need your help.

We are proud to say we don’t currently send any waste to landfill and that all our non-recycled waste is incinerated to create useful energy. However, food waste is composed of about 70% water, requiring considerably more energy to burn it, making this a less efficient method of disposal than recycling.

Instead, all recycled food waste is taken for a process called Anaerobic Digestion, which means our food waste is turned into a source of renewable energy.

Up to 90% of the energy generated by the process can be exported to the national grid or used locally. As well as the energy generated, our food waste is turned into valuable products including compost and a liquid fertiliser. This means our food waste can be used to benefit local homes and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t produce any food waste?

Remember there is no amount too small. The best thing we can do with our food is enjoy it but some waste like banana skins, tea bags and bones are inevitable, and these can all be recycled.

How do I get a food waste caddy?

Residents can have a 5 litre kitchen caddy and a 23 litre outdoor caddy for kerbside collection. You can get both for FREE.

Will the food in my bin smell?

Your food waste caddy will not smell if you clean it regularly and follow the cleaning tips above.

What liner should I use in my kitchen caddy?

Most people put a liner in their kitchen caddy to keep the food waste contained. You can line your caddy with newspaper, compostable liners or other bags such as bread bags.

When is my collection day?

You can find your food waste collection day here

Where can I find more information?

For more information email: recyclingwards@caerphilly.gov.uk or tel: 01443 866 533 

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