Working Skills for Adults

The Working Skills for Adults 2 project provides access to a wide variety of FREE courses and the opportunity for advice and guidance from a team of employment support officers, to improve opportunities for low skilled workers.

Bridges into work

Bridges into Work 2 is an exciting project in the Caerphilly county borough to help people into employment.

The team offer practical advice and support for job seekers over the age of 25 across the county borough.

Community Regeneration Employment Support

Our Employment Support Team provide one-to-one mentoring and employment support in the community, helping people to train and upskill, empowering them to build the confidence and experience that they need to apply for the jobs they want.

Don’t worry about eligibility criteria, our Triage Workers will work this out for you and one of our team members or partners will always be able to assist. 

Visit our libraries

Libraries are here to provide you with the tools you need to create, learn and explore.

We have 18 libraries across the county and friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to offer help and advice.

Caerphilly Cares

The ‘Caerphilly Cares’ team, a team of established Caerphilly County Borough Council staff, will offer a new centralised coordination and response triage service for those county borough residents in need of support for issues such as food poverty, debt or rent arrears, isolation or loneliness.

‘Caerphilly Cares’ aims to offer the individual a single point of contact with the team, who will assist that individual in getting to the root cause of their issue, meaning they will only need to explain their situation once.