Teachers Area

Gelligaer is a small village near Ystrad Mynach, through which many schools travel on their way to Llancaiach Fawr. Nowadays it looks like any other community in the Valleys, yet, less than 2000 years ago, this was an import Roman staging post, allowing Roman soldiers to march between Cardiff and Brecon, and keeping the area secure against the native Silure.

The education resources developed as part of the Gelligaer Roman Fort project have been developed to assist teachers in studying the Romans, the Silure and local history in the classroom, and also to encourage visits to Gelligaer Fort.

Resources have been developed covering:

  • The Fort, the individual buildings and what they were used for.
  • The life of the soldier – including food, drilling, counting, etc
  • The impact of the Romans on the area
  • The Silure – similarities and differences with the Romans
  • The uncovering of the past – the Edwardian Archaeologists who uncovered the fort, but also interpreting finds.

In the summer term, the Winding House will be running 2 centre education days allowing hands on work with Roman artefacts (some Roman and others recreations), viewing of Gelligaer’s finds, dressing of Edwardians and Romans and other practical activities.
For more information contact the Life Long Learning Officer at Winding House for more information.

Visits to the fort can take place throughout the year – a bus lay-by is located immediately next to the interpretation area.