Caerphilly Employment Support Team – Case Studies

All of our support is about our participants - we can work with you for as long as it takes to get you to where you want to be. We understand that sometimes confidence and self-esteem can make it difficult for you to work towards your goals.

We are here to help you build your confidence and improve your self-esteem so that you can reach your full potential. Click below to read about some of the participants we’ve supported so far.

Case Study May 2024: Sam

Sam was referred to Caerphilly Employment Support at the beginning of January 2024 by DWP (Blackwood Job Centre) and was assigned to a Communities for Work Plus employment mentor for support to secure employment.

Sam was an Universal Credit claimant and actively seeking employment but was struggling to find work following leaving university with his degree. Sam’s mentor supported Sam with training in Safeguarding, First Aid and interview preparation.

Obtaining relevant up to date training in essential training that could be used in all the organisations that Sam was seeking employment in helped Sam close a gap in his CV. Sam successfully passed the training courses and his mentor assisted him to update this on his CV.  Sam and his employment mentor met on a weekly basis and used their time wisely in appointments to job search regularly, assist with building Sam’s confidence around interviews and giving guidance on interview preparation.

After successful appointments, Sam attended an interview and was offered employment within the Community Safety Team within Caerphilly County Borough Council. Sam seemed much more confident going into work and is now able to start building his career in the path he so greatly wanted.

Feedback from Sam:- “I enjoyed working with JT at Communities for Work Plus. I enjoyed the fact that we wasted no time and started applying for jobs alongside placing me onto courses so that I could develop my employability skills and have a few more things to add to my CV. I was also grateful for the tips and tricks around interview preparation so that I could go into the interview well prepared which gave me the ability to give my all in interviews.”

Civil and Plant Training Case Study January 2024 - Rachel Jenkins

Rachel is a young local person who is full of life and keen to find employment in the right area. Rachel showed an interest in the Civil and Plant training pathway which was advertised on the Caerphilly Employment Support Social Media in January 2024. Rachel had previous experience of working within the construction field, however due to personal reasons, she had not been in a position to renew her prior tickets and had lost some confidence. Rachel also wished to gain additional tickets to help broaden her career prospects.

Rachel registered with the Caerphilly Employment support programme and has been allocated a mentor who will help and guide her through job applications and any suitable courses needed.

Rachel was successful in obtaining a place on a Civil and Plant training course. This course took place in ARC’s training Quarry in Llanharry where she gained experience on how to safely operate a forward tipping dumper and a ride on roller machine. Whilst participating in the training, other employers attended the site to observe Rachels progress with the machinery in order to increase further employment opportunities. Rachel successfully completed the course, passed her practical tests to the required standard and was issued a valid CPCS card to show that she is a competent operator.

Rachel gave high praise and thanks to the ARC providers for their expertise, patience, hospitality, and time that they have given her. Rachel has since gained additional funding through Restart and is returning to ARC next week to undertake an ADT (Articulated Truck Operator) course and has requested to undertake a telehandler course also. Rachel would like to gain tickets to operate a 360 and a loading shovel machine in the future and is very keen to gain additional experience and become a multi ticket operator within the Civil and Plant industry. Rachel was eager to tell her friends about her overall experience and will encourage them to sign up to Caerphilly Employment Support Programme. 

We asked Rachel how she found the service provided by Caerphilly Employment Support Team and to comment on her thoughts about the opportunity she has been given. Rachel praised the support given by the Caerphilly Employment Support team and thanked them for the help and guidance. Rachel felt greatly supported and would recommend the services to anyone who is looking for employment. Rachel added that she felt more confident and was grateful for the opportunity,  this has given her “a step up in life”.